June 9th.  Critiques

All demonstrations are presented after a short meeting.  The meetings are held at the Harlem Road Community center auditorium, 4525 Harlem rd, Amherst NY at 7 pm.

Congratulations to all our winners in the 2023 Spring Show.


First place: Steve Sidare - Winter Sumacs

Second place: Beverly Amborski - Summer Bouquet

Third place: Kathy Kwiatkowski - Into the Woods

Honorable Mention: Bonnie Cummings - Won’t Give Up the Ship

Honorable Mention: Jean MacDonald - On Little Cat Feet


First Place: Bill McCullagh - Max

Second Place: Ruth Mohn - Ceramic Fruit

Third Place: Willie B - Cognition

Honorable Mention: Elaine LaVigne - Emerging Blooms

Honorable Mention: Timothy Martlock - Bucephalus Reporting for Work


First Place : Teri JoRitz - Fay and Kong

Second Place: Michael Todd Taylor - Duck Pond

Third Place: Donat Sadkowski - Essex Marshes

Honorable Mention: Mary Schohn - An Old timer

Honorable Mention: Sadhna Gupta - Winter Stillness


First Place: Timothy Gryckiewicz - Blizzard in Williamsville-Photography

Second Place: Judie Pufpaff: Guide Me - Psalm 31:3 - Pencil and Pastel

Third Place: Nancy Zielinski: Make a Big Splash-Graphite

Honorable Mention: Melinda K Schneider - Temple - Pastel

Honorable Mention: Mary McKee - Side By Side - Other/Wood

Best in Show: Debra Meier - Coffee Cat #2 - Watercolor

Judges Award: Cathy Eckman - When Life Gives You Lemons - Watercolor