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 Demonstration Artists


January 11        Kelsey Merkle              Mixed Media

February 8        Jake Linkowski             Acrylic Artist

March 8             Ylli Haruni                     Oil Painting

April 12             Jennifer Koury               Watercolor 

May 10                  TBA                           Critiques

Best of Show
"Sunset with Palette Knife"
By Ruth Mohn

Nikki Milley  - Graphic/Charcoal Artist

Artist Statement
I am a versatile, self-taught artist with a wide range of experience creating visual arts in charcoal, graphite, and watercolor. My art is inspired by the human connection and my interpretation of the world around us. I want to create an opportunity for pause and reflection, to render emotion through my pencil. My work suspends reality and explores the imagination, telling stories of unseen possibilities. Each composition is intended to engage the viewer in a moment that is simultaneously whimsical and hyper-realistic. 

In addition, I work to capture and preserve memories of loved ones. In capturing through graphite (or other medium), the likeness of children, spouses and pets departed too soon, I hope to provide individuals with pieces they will treasure. I hope my art will bring them joy, despite the sorrow of their loss.