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 Demonstration Artists


October 12       Nancy Clarke Mariani   Pastel Artist

November 9     Nikki Milley                   Graphite/


January 11        Kelsey Merkle              Mixed Media

February 8        Jane Linkowski             Acrylic Artist

March 8             Ylli Haruni                     Oil Painting

April 12             Jennifer Koury               Watercolor 

May 10                  TBA                           Critiques

Nancy Clarke Mariani  - Pastel Artist

As an Art/ Photography Teacher and Artist, I have found it difficult to horn in on one media. As an Art Teacher I must learn many different techniques, styles, artists, materials and resources.
I chose to work in realism because I find it fascinating to focus on the tiniest of details and capturing as much of the persons image and character. My interests may have begun as early as elementary school. My classroom art projects had always been well reviewed by my classmates and teachers. 
I am most inspired by chalk pastels and oil paint, they are both so different and yet so similar. Both can give you extraordinary realism results. 
What inspires me to create are the people I meet, know and imagine, whether it's in their facial expression, clothing, hair style or what they are doing.
I think the viewers are most interested in the way I capture the subjects through it's realism of lighting, contrast, and imagery. I challenge myself to move the viewer through the subject matter to be able to tell a story by using that dramatic lighting and imagery.

Updo, Becky

Firemen Keeping Control