Donna Hale

Artist’s Statement

 The Landscape is my first love; it reflects the Glory of God. The sense of beauty: color, light, reflection, atmosphere, all show God’s majestic creation. This is what I enjoy recreating. There is nothing like soaking in the sunlight, surrounded by nature,

immersed in the scene. Even back in the studio I remember the feelings. The beauty of that time is locked in my

heart. All other thoughts are banned from the area.


The Hudson River Painters have inspired me to paint the landscape. The technique may be different but the

philosophy is the same.   "The true province of landscape art is the work of God in the visible creation, independent

of man.”, wrote Asher B. Durand


An occasional still life teaches technique and brings in a touch of whimsy to my art.  The same eye candy (to me) is there... color, light,

value, reflections, form, line, shadow…

I mostly use two mediums: soft pastel or oil paint.                                        

- Donna Hale

"Backyard in Winter"

9 x 12



20 x 24


"Dusk after the Rain"

12 x 16


"March of the Chinese Lanterns"
11 x 14