Debra Meier


Artist Statement

I am a retired school teacher who is returning to her artistic roots.  I started out painting and drawing for the love of it, and now, after 31 years in public school, I am coming back home.

Whether I choose to work in watercolor, or acrylic on any given day, I am consistently transfixed with glazes of transparent color.  Every layer adds to the complexity of the finished shape, color, and texture.  Although this is a common approach in watercolor, I take the same approach in acrylic, working in liquid, see-through media.  The under-painting is as important to me as the finished piece.

Nature is what thrills me,, whether my subject matter is a wild creature or a breathtaking landscape.  My favorite art media for this is watercolor ; in my mind’s eye, the transparency of watercolor comes the closest to capturing nature’s movement and life. My subjects are often avians, as, birds combine both form and color into a dynamic that will always be wild, whether in a natural or domestic setting; these fascinating creatures make it a pleasure to sit down at the easel each day.  Birds are nature’s paintbrush.

You may contact me regarding my work via email at:

"Feeding Time"

8 x 10